Angel Investments

Achieve3000 specializes in cloud-based, differentiated learning solutions for school-aged youth as well as adult learners. It has helped millions of students worldwide to improve their reading and writing skills, master increasingly rigorous academic standards, and prepare for high-stakes assessments. SOLD!

Innovative Photonic Solutions was founded
in August 2003 to provide high performance semiconductor diode light source
systems based upon our proprietary spectrum slicing technologies. SOLD!

Power Survey is a service company
specializing in the drive-by detection of hazardous stray voltage conditions.
Power Survey Company utilizes highly effective and reliable technology to
dramatically improve community safety through proactive stray voltage monitoring. SOLD!

United Silicon Carbide, Inc. is a leading
developer and manufacturer of SiC power transistors, rectifiers, and subsystems
for use in electric vehicles, power converters, and solid state disconnects.

MLT Drives is the only domestic manufacturer of inverters in South Africa. Based in Cape Town, they provide solar energy with backup and control to many industries, including vineyards.

SafetyVantage is a leading provider of technology-based educational curriculum and assessment solutions for the occupational health and safety (OHS) industry. This Alberta-based company is well-known for providing practical, relevant and engaging solutions, and for their expertise and experience in the OHS compliance and training space

BeAble: Through its proprietary multi-dimensional approach, only Beable intertwines social-emotional growth with literacy acceleration in core content areas, career exposure and ACT/SAT prep. It enables learning everywhere and every way – from whole class to small group to independent…from in-school to remote to blended. It does so with a single, unshakeable goal: life-ready success beyond graduation based on each student’s dreams.

Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen